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Most people agree that the last hundred years was the century of physics. Physics research changed and affected our everyday lives in the most significant way. What makes physics so unique in comparison with other disciplines is its ground seeking attitude in explaining natural phenomena. Faced by interesting observations that require understanding, physicists keep asking 'why' until the most fundamental answers are found. Once basic understanding of the underlying mechanism is achieved, the obtained knowledge naturally spills over into other scientific disciplines and engineering applications, affecting billions of lives on earth.

In the Department of Physics of SKKU, our education philosophy is not to simply pour physics knowledge into students' mind, but rather to grow critical curiosity in them. Only the critical mind with curiosity-driven motivation can turn students into creative future leaders, not only in academia, but also in industry and other area.

To attain our education goals, the physics department has established long-term development plan to recruit world-class professors, expand research facilities, and to improve education services. We are also putting more and more focus on the international exchange programs in education and research to enhance visibility of the department. Physics research in SKKU is well-known to be very strong and cover broad spectrum of cutting-edge research topics. The main research areas include particle and nuclear physics, statistical and condensed-matter physics, nano- and bio-physics, and physical acoustics.