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Oh, Phillial Professor of Physics
Theoretical Particle Physics Lab.
University of Chicago, USA.
Particle Physics
TEL : 82-31-290-7046
MAIL : ploh{AT}skku.edu
Choi, Han-YongProfessor of Physics
Condensed Matter Theory Lab.
University of Pennsylvania, USA.
Condensed Matter Physics Theory
TEL : 82-31-290-7048
MAIL : hychoi{AT}skku.ac.kr
Hong, Seung-WooProfessor of Physics
Nuclear Physics Lab.
University of Texas at Austin, USA.
Nuclear Physics
TEL : 82-31-290-7047
MAIL : swhong{AT}skku.ac.kr
Jung, DonggeunProfessor of Physics
Semiconductor and Nano Application Lab.
North Carolina State University, USA.
Solid State Physics
TEL : 82-31-290-7050
MAIL : djung{AT}skku.ac.kr
Kim, Yoonbai Professor of Physics
Theoretical Particle Physics Lab.
Seoul National University, Korea.
Particle Physics
TEL : 82-31-290-7051
MAIL : yoonbai{AT}skku.edu
Yu, Intae Professor of Physics
High Energy Physics Lab.
Yale University, USA.
High Energy Physics
TEL : 82-31-290-7052
MAIL : intaeyu{AT}skku.edu
Kim, Beom Jun Professor of Physics
Statistical Physics Lab.
Seoul National University, Korea.
Statistical Physics
TEL : 82-31-299-4541
MAIL : beomjun{AT}skku.edu
Han, Jung Hoon Professor of Physics
Manybody Physics Group
University of Washington, USA.
Condensed Matter Theory
TEL : 82-31-290-5905
MAIL : hanjh{AT}skku.edu
Park, Il Hung Professor of Physics
Astrophysics Lab.
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA.
Astrophysics,Space Semiconductor Technology
TEL :82-31-299-4548
MAIL :ilpark{AT}skku.edu
Kang, Won Nam Professor of Physics
Superconductivity and Thin Film Lab.
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.
Solid State Physics
TEL : 82-31-290-5904
MAIL : wnkang{AT}skku.edu
Kang, Dae Joon Professor of Physics
Applied Semiconductor Devices for Nanophysics Lab.
University of Cambridge, UK.
Solid State Physics
TEL : 82-31-290-5906
MAIL : djkang{AT}skku.edu
Ahn, Joung Real Professor of Physics
Nanophysics and Nanodevice Laboratory: Semiconductor/Energy/Photonic
Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea.
Solid State Physics
TEL : 82-31-290-5901
MAIL : jrahn{AT}skku.edu
Park, Tuson Professor of Physics
Center for Quantum Materials and Superconductivity
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
TEL : 82-31-299-4543
MAIL : tp8701{AT}skku.edu
Hwang, Jungseek Professor of Physics
Infrared Spectroscopy of Advanced Materials Lab.
University of Florida, USA.
Condensed Matter Physics, Infrared Spectroscopy
TEL : 82-31-299-4545
MAIL : jungseek{AT}skku.edu
Park, Sung Ha Professor of Physics
Applied DNA Nanoengineering Lab.
Duke University, USA.
DNA Nanoengineering, Biophysics
TEL : 82-31-299-4544
MAIL : sunghapark{AT}skku.edu
Chae, Kyung yuk Professor of Physics
Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics Lab.
University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA.
Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics
TEL :82-31-299-4547
MAIL :kchae{AT}skku.edu
Choi, Woo SeokProfessor of Physics
Epitaxial Complex Oxide Lab.
Seoul National University, Korea.
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
TEL :82-31-290-5903
MAIL :choiws{AT}skku.edu
Carsten Rott Professor of Physics
NeutrinoAstroParticle Lab.
Purdue University, USA.
Astro Particle Physics
TEL :82-31-290-5902
MAIL :rott{AT}skku.edu
Kim, Young kuk Professor of Physics
Solid state electronic structure calculation Lab.
Seoul National University, Korea.
Condensed Matter Physics
TEL :82-31-299-4542
MAIL :youngkuk{AT}skku.edu
Choi, Ki young Professor of Physics
Theoretical astro-particle physics and cosmology.
Seoul National University, Korea.
Particle Physics
TEL :82-31-290-5907
MAIL :kiyoungchoi{AT}skku.edu
Cha, Seung nam Professor of Physics
Nano Electronics & Optoelectronics Lab.
University of Cambridge, UK.
Nano Device
TEL :82-31-299-4546
MAIL :chasn{At}skku.edu
Yoo, Jejoong Professor of Physics
Computation Biophysics Lab.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
TEL :82-31-290-7049
MAIL :jejoong{At}skku.edu
Lee, Kyung ha Professor of Physics
Experimenta Gravitational Wave Research Lab
University of Glasgow
TEL :82-31-290-7042
MAIL :khlee54{At}skku.edu
Choi, Kwang yongProfessor of Physics
Topological Quantum Matter Lab
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Condensed matter physics
TEL :82-31-290-7044
MAIL :choisky99@skku.edu
Kim, Beomkyu KimProfessor of Physics
High-energy Nuclear Physics Lab.
Yonsei University, Korea
Nuclear Physics
TEL :82-31-290-7053
MAIL :kimbyumkyu@skku.edu