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이번 학기 콜로퀴움은 코로나19 재유행 대비 상황에 따라 온-오프 하이브리드(오프라인+Real Time Streaming)으로 운영될 예정입니다.

두번째 강연에는 이화여자대학교 노광동 교수님을 모시고 콜로퀴움을 개최하오니, 학과 구성원 여러분의 많은 참여를 부탁 드립니다.

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1. Title: The Next Generation of Photonic Sources Light-Emitting Devices 

2. Speaker: 노  광  동 교수님 (이화여자대학교)

3. Date & Time: Sep. 14(Wed.) 2022.  4:30 PM

4. Place: Natural Science 1,  Room No. 31214

5. Abstract: Over the past decade, significant progress has been made in semiconductor research for efficient light-emitters. Using low-cost methods of solution-processed chemistry, nano-materials such as colloidal quantum dots and perovskites have emerged as a technologically viable material candidate for the next generation of luminescent materials. Hence, this talk will first address the introduction and fundamental optical and electrical properties showing wavelength-tunable bandgap, narrowband emission, high internal quantum efficiency etc. These intriguing properties have enabled to fabricate perovskite-based LEDs with more than 20% of external quantum efficiency. However, despite successful achievements of perovskites in optoelectronic applications, several drawbacks still hinder further development for visible light emitters such as material instability under ambient conditions, phase separation of halide, low thermal conductivity, and limited lasing operations. Thus, in the second part of this talk, several approaches, and recent reports to overcome these difficulties will be presented. It has been shown that our engineered mixed-halide perovskites can suppress the halide redistribution phenomenon by proper selection of additive capping layer, leading to develop efficient wavelength-tunable LEDs and single-mode distributed feedback lasers at room temperature for the first time. Also, design principles for realizing lasing operation from a functional perovskite LED device under intense electrical excitation will be discussed.

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