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2014학년도 1학기 콜로퀴움 일정입니다.



연사 (이름,소속)





Sakai Hideyuki 석좌초빙교수님,(RIKEN & SKKU)

"Where, when and how atomic nuclei were cooked in universe?"


김용민 교수님, (단국대학교)

고자기장 하에서 반도체 양자구조의 광전이 특성


문순재 교수님,(한양대학교)

Shedding infrared light on high-Tc superconductors


남지우 교수님,(대만국립대학교)

Radio Detection of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos in Antarctica


전응진 교수님,(고등과학원)

Quantum oscillations at the LHC


Stephen Remillard 교수님, (Hope College)

Lasers, Microscopes, and Superconductors: Laser Scanning Microscopy of Superconducting Circuits


중간고사 기간


이강일 교수님,(강원대학교 물리학과)

Physical principles and applications of ultrasound in diagnostics and therapy  


(진단용 및 치료용 초음파의 물리학적 원리 및 활용)



국양 교수님,(서울대학교)

Contribution of Internal and Surface Traps to Blinking Statistics in Coll


oidal Quantum Dots


김기강 교수님,(동국대학교)

Synthesis of Two Dimensional Materials by Chemical Vapor Deposition


Joe D. Thompson 석좌초빙교수님,(LANL & SKKU)

Magnetism and Superconductivity


Albrecht Karle 교수님, (U of Wisconsin)

The hunt for high energy neutrinos with IceCube - more evidence for their astrophysical origin


2014 지방선거일


윤근영 교수님,(University of Rochester)

Advanced Physiological Optics and Its Ophthalmic Applications


기말고사 기간

번호 제목 날짜 조회 수
공지 <12/8(Thu.) 11:00am>노벨상 소개 강연 - 2016년 노벨 물리학상: 위상 응집 물리의 탄생 2016.11.28 1078945
686 <Oct. 5(Wed.)>“사라진 중성미자를 찾아서” 2022.09.29 6
685 <Sep. 21(Wed.)>Dynamics and thermodynamics of bimolecular reactions at aqueous-nonaqueous interfaces 2022.09.15 78
684 <Sep. 14(Wed.)>The Next Generation of Photonic Sources – Light-Emitting Devices 2022.09.08 183
683 <Sep. 7(Wed.)>Flavor of particles, as a key for New physics 2022.09.01 247
682 2022학년도 2학기 콜로퀴움 일정 2022.06.22 1327
681 <July 8(Fri.)>Intertwined magnetism and charge density wave in a kagome metal 2022.06.03 1465
680 <Apr. 27(Wed.)> I) A few first questions by me. II) ‘Topotactic resistance switching RAM’의 최초 발견 2022.04.20 1516
679 <May 18(Wed.)>Magnetoresistance and Hall effects of Fe5Sn3 single crystals 2022.05.12 1547
678 <May 4(Wed.)>Recent progress in the study of topological phases of matter 2022.04.27 1567
677 <Apr. 20(Wed.)> 반도체 공정용 플라즈마 물리 2022.04.14 1580
676 <May. 3(Tue.)>Anomalous Hall signatures of nonsymmorphic nodal lines in the doped chromium chalcospinel CuCr2Se4 2022.04.19 1890
675 <May. 10(Tue.)>Longitudinal magnon decay in the quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet in Ba2FeSi2O7 2022.05.09 1919
674 <Mar. 16(Wed.)> 현세대/차세대 이차전지 기술 동향 및 전망 2022.03.02 2080
673 <Mar. 30(Wed.)> Two-dimensional Semiconductors and their applications 2022.03.23 2128
672 <Apr. 6(Wed.)> Holographic Flat Panel Displays 2022.03.30 2176
671 <May 11(Wed.)>Key Nuclear Experimental Studies to Find the Origin of Elements 2022.05.04 2463
670 <Mar. 2(Wed.)>Introduction to high-energy nuclear physics 2022.02.24 2638
669 <Jan. 27(Thu.)>Emulating twisted double bilayer graphene with a multiorbital optical lattice 2022.01.18 2895
668 <Mar. 23(Wed.)> Next-generation artificial intelligence devices and physics 2022.03.16 3224
667 <Nov. 17(Wed.)>펜로즈의 삼각형과 블랙홀 - 부분과 전체 2021.11.11 4757