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Seongjin In at the Pole. Image: Seongjin In, IceCube.
Seongjin In at the Pole. Image: Seongjin In, IceCube.

The National Research Foundation of Korea has awarded Seongjin In, a graduate student at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) and known as Jin within the IceCube community, with a 2015 Global PhD Fellowship (GPF). The selection committee selected his research proposal, highlighting his enthusiasm about exploring the universe from Antarctica. The fellowship was announced in July and will provide funds for his salary, travel, and research expenses until completion of his PhD.

GPF is the biggest and most competitive fellowship for graduate students in Korea. “It’s really an honor to be one of the awardees, especially since only two proposals were accepted in experimental astrophysics,” explains Jin. “But it was not only my achievement. Prof. Rott and Dr. Bose at SKKU, together with the IceCube team, provided guidance and support for my application.”

Evaluators highlighted his research plan on IceCube and the opportunity to work with the IceCube Collaboration as the strengths of Jin’s project. “I was looking for a research group in astrophysics just when Prof. Rott moved to SKKU. I was immediately attracted to his research and IceCube. And last winter, I went to the South Pole, a dream come true!” adds Seongjin. “I think my deployment convinced the committee of my dedication to research and my genuine excitement for astrophysics.”

The Global PhD Fellowship is a Korean national education program that supports PhD students in domestic universities with tuition and living expenses so that they can focus on their study and research without financial concerns. The program is aimed at supporting talented students to obtain doctorate degrees and, going further, become outstanding researchers, eventually filling key positions and contributing to the national economy. Each year around 300 students are selected from more than 1,000 applicants.

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