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물리학과 김범준 교수님께서 스웨덴 Umeå University 에서 명예박사학위를 받으셨습니다. 명예박사수여식 동영상은 아래링크에서 다시 보실수 있습니다. (시작후 50분 ~ 55분정도에 나옵니다). http://bambuser.com/channel/UmeaUniversitet Umeå University 홍보책자 및 홈페이지에 소개된 글을 아래에 소개합니다. Beom Jun Kim is a professor at Sungkyunkwan University in Korea. He came to Umeå University in 1997 as a postdoctor. Three years later he was hired as assistant professor in the Department of Physics and in 2002 he returned to Korea. He has now built up his own large research group that have frequent exchanges with Umeå physicists. Beom Jun Kim has made important contributions to building faculty research on complex systems and statistical physics in Umea University. The formation of IceLab - a new interdisciplinary center where young scientists are working to understand living systems by means of theoretical models - would hardly have been possible without Beom Jun Kim's early efforts. ======================================================================== The whole is greater than the parts Beom Jun Kim is performing research on complex systems, how large-scale phenomenon arising from small-scale interactions, and the whole becomes complex and much more than their constituents. The research he has developed ranging from the traditional approaches in the condensed-matter physics and statistical physics, such as phase transition of superconducting systems, the latest in the complex interdisciplinary network theory. Kim applies this theory in areas such as sociology, biology, disease transmission, economics and game theory. Research in this area has developed explosively since Duncan Watts and Steven Strogatz designed their model in 1998. It was a breakthrough in the understanding and importance of "small world" phenomenon, often described by two people, anywhere on earth, are connected by a chain of no more than six handshakes. Kim published more than 120 scientific papers - many of them in collaboration with a physicist at Umeå University. He received the 2006 Korean-to-Yong Bong-price of a prominent scientific conduct prior to age 40.
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