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Joint Professor

Song, Young JaeJoint Professor of Physics
Seoul National University, Korea.
TEL : 82-31-299-4168
MAIL : yjsong{AT}skku.edu
Hwang, Euy HeonJoint Professor of Physics
University of Maryland at College Park, USA.
Thoretical Condensed Matter Physics
TEL : 82-31-299-4163
MAIL : euyheon{AT}skku.edu
Lee, Seung KyunJoint Professor of Physics
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Medical Physics, Biomagnetism
TEL : 82-31-299-4401
MAIL : seungkyun{AT}skku.edu
Yoon, Sung MinAdjunct Professor of Physics
Sungkyunkean University, Korea National Sport university, Korea
Solid state physics, Sports Medicine
TEL : 019-369-3203
MAIL : yoonsungmin{AT}hanmail.com
Nikolay VedenkinVisiting Professor of Physics
TEL : 82-31-299-6868
MAIL : vnn.space{AT}gmail.com