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(foreign)Fulltime Professor

Rob LahayeLecture Assistant Professor of Physics
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
Solid Physics
TEL : 82-31-299-4206
MAIL : lahaye{AT}skku.edu
Driba D. TollaLecture Assistant Professor of Physics
International School for Advanced Studies, Italy.
Theoretical Particle Physics
TEL : 82-31-299-4207
MAIL : dribatolla{AT}gmail.com
Shinsuke KawaiLecture Associated Professor of Physics
University of Oxford, England.
Theoretical Physics
TEL : 82-31-299-6247
MAIL : shinsuke.kawai{AT}gmail.com
Asha BhardwajLecture Associated Professor of Physics
Indian Institute of Thchnology Delhi, India
Solid Physics
TEL : 82-31-299-6241
MAIL : asha.bhardwaj.cnrs{AT}gmail.com