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아래와 같이 세미나를 개최하오니 많이 참석해 주시기 바랍니다. 아 래 1. 제 목: Is Quantum Criticality a Key to Unconventional Superconductivity? 2. 연 사: 박 두 선 박사(미국 Los Alamos National Laboratory 연구원) 3. 일 시: 2006년 8월 17일(목요일)오전10:30 4. 장 소: 물리학과 세미나실 (31355호실) 5. 초 록: The proximity of a magnetic phase to superconductivity, commonly observed in unconventional superconductors, suggests magnetic fluctuations as a source of the binding of electron pairs and unusual normal state behavior. Recently, Curro et al. [1] showed universal scaling of the spin-lattice relaxation rates among disparate classes of unconventional superconductors, where the superconducting transition temperatures (Tc) differ by two orders of magnitude, indicating a common pairing mechanism among them. In this talk, I will show a striking similarity between the heavy fermion compound CeRhIn5 and high-Tc cuprates not only in the generic temperature-pressure (or doping in the cuprates) phase diagram, but also in specific aspects of unconventional superconductivity, such as the field-induced magnetic ordering deep in the superconducting state [2]. These observations bring new perspective of quantum criticality in unconventional superconductors. [1] N. J. Curro et al. Nature 434, 622 (2005) [2] Tuson Park et al., Nature 440, 65 (2006)
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공지 <12/8(Thu.) 11:00am>노벨상 소개 강연 - 2016년 노벨 물리학상: 위상 응집 물리의 탄생 2016.11.28 1079573
686 2019학년도 2학기 콜로퀴움 일정 2019.07.17 426895
685 <12/3> Magnetic couplings, optical spectra, and spin-orbit exciton in 5d Mott insulator Sr2IrO4 2012.11.26 406543
684 <Mar.3(Wed.)>Scaling laws in Natural Language Processing 2021.02.25 345878
683 2017학년도 1학기 콜로퀴움 일정 2017.01.05 309583
682 <10/25> Wave properties of dipole-exchange spin waves in confined magnetic thin films 2006.10.25 297179
681 <5/16> 물리학자가 바라 본 단백질: 왜, 어떻게 연구하는가? 2012.05.10 270217
680 <6/11> Advanced Physiological Optics and Its Ophthalmic Applications 2014.05.28 260164
679 2020학년도 1학기 콜로퀴움 일정 2020.01.31 254731
678 BK 석학초청 특별세미나 - Frustration and dimensional reduction in multi-orbital systems 2011.10.28 253265
677 <3/14>Adaptive Optics for the Human Eye and Ophthalmic Applications 2008.03.12 248973
676 <6/17> Oscillating Fuzzy Sphere and M5/anti M5 configurations in ABJM model 2009.06.16 248233
675 <8/30(Wed.)10:30>​Technology convergence and applications of Large-Area Electronics, e-Textiles, bio-sensors and bio-electronics 2017.08.29 245156
674 <12/21> Special Seminar by Professor Ilya Vekhter 2010.11.30 245139
673 <11/6> Graphene plasmon and Plasmonics 2013.10.31 240903
672 <June.12(Wed.)> Ribocomputing: Cellular Logic Computation using RNA Devices file 2019.06.07 238676
671 <Jan.14(Thu.)>Oxygen sponge effects for epitaxial manganite thin film design 2021.01.11 236900
670 <11/5(화)> 특별세미나 개최 안내 2013.11.01 230424
669 <5/16(토)> 세미나 개최 안내 2015.05.18 217652
668 <Sep. 23(Wed.) 4:30 PM>Grain boundary effect in Metal : A journey of discovery from crystal to thin films without grain boundaries 2015.09.16 209449