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4시 20분부터 제1과학관 31214 e+강의실에서 다과를 준비하오니 많은 참석 부탁드립니다


아 래


제목: The Interface Induced Magnetism


연사: 박   성   균 교수님 (부산대학교 물리학과)


일시: 2012년 10월 17(수) 오후4:30


장소: 제1과학관 31214  e+첨단강의실


초록: Since the discovery of lower dimensional spin dependent transport properties, the research on the thin film magnetism, in particular interface magnetism research became major research topics due to the not only for its fundamental interests but also various applications such as magnetic random access memories, giant magnetoresistance head, magnetic storage media, etc. In this presentation, we will show the fundamental origin of various thin film magnetic structure which properties can be varied due to the presence of the interface. Furthermore, we will also introduce a unique tool for the study of depth dependent magnetic profiles using polarized neutrons.

+This work is supported by NRF Nuclear R&D Program (2011-0031933).

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