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University of Florida의 Greg Stewart 교수님을 초빙하여 아래와 같이 특별강연을 개최합니다.

학과 구성원 여러분의 많은 참석을 부탁 드립니다.


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     1. 일시: 2012년 6월 5일(화) 16:00 


     2. 장소: 학술정보관 2층 프리젠테이션룸


     3. 초청연사: Greg Stewart 교수님 (University of Florida) 


     4. 특강주제: How Well Does High Field Specific Heat Probe the Nodal Nature of the Multi-Band Iron Superconductors?

     5. 초록: High field specific heat was first measured in 1982, when 'high field'
                 meant 17 T.  Today, measurements up to 35 T are fairly routine, at least in
                 a few groups.  Unfortunately, although some iron superconductors of
                 interest have their upper critical fields (Hc2) below 35 T - like the Co-
                 doped BaFe2-xCoxAs2, many do not.  This talk will detail what specific heat
                 in field can tell us about the nodal behavior of the bands in these
                 interesting materials, and what questions such data leave unanswered.
                 Knowledge of the nodal behavior in a superconductor is a key to
                 understanding the pairing mechanism, and the details of the parameters
                 important for the coupling.


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