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이승균 교수님 (성균관대학교 글로벌바이오메디컬공학과) 

Physics in Medicine: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

 박성하 교수님


Dr. Xiao-Jia Chen
(HPSTAR, Center for High Pressure Science &Technology Advanced Research) 

 Connecting Thermoelectricity and Superconductivity by Pressure Bridge

 박두선 교수님


 장기석 박사님
(LG Display 연구소)

Ultrafast Movie Maker for Photo-induced Dynamics : Ultrafast Electron Microscope 

차승남 교수님 


이관우 교수님
(고려대학교 디스플레이반도체학과) 

 "전자구조 계산을 이용한 새로운 양자물질 연구"
Ab initio studies of novel quantum matters

황정식 교수님 


박제근 교수님

자성 반데르발스 물질 발견과 전망
(Discovery and Perspective of magnetic van der Waals materials) 

최한용 교수님 


왕건욱 교수님

(고려대학교 KU-KIST융합대학원, ‘01동문) 

Emerging artificial synapse for learning- and energy-efficient neuromorphic system

유인태 교수님
강대준 교수님


중간고사 기간


 홍완 박사님

 Introduction of AMS Applications

홍승우 교수님 


 전응진 교수님

Genesis of Matter 

최기영 교수님 


Hideyuki Sakai 교수님

(RIKEN, 성균관대학교) 

Three-body problem and three-body force in Classic and Quantum Systems  

홍승우 교수님 


조준형 교수님

Introduction to exotic quantum states in solids 

 최한용 교수님


학부 졸업논문 포스터 발표(2019 8월 졸업예정자)


오재혁 교수님
(한양대학교 물리학과) 

Fluid gravity duality 

오필열 교수님 


김종민 교수님
(포항공과대학교 생명과학과) 

Ribocomputing: Leveraging RNA for computation in the cell 

박성하 교수님 


기말고사 기간

번호 제목 날짜 조회 수
공지 <12/8(Thu.) 11:00am>노벨상 소개 강연 - 2016년 노벨 물리학상: 위상 응집 물리의 탄생 2016.11.28 1091708
619 <3/12(화)>물리학과 특별초청강연 개최 안내 2013.03.04 136082
618 <Nov.13(Fri) 16:00> Kondo screening in mixed valence and heavy fermion compounds and the signatures of Nozieres’ exhaustion 2015.11.04 135671
617 <3/19> Bioconjugates of nanomaterials for biochip & biosensor applications 2010.03.16 135087
616 <5/3> High-Speed MOSFET Technology: State-of-the-Art Strain Engineering 2006.05.02 134908
615 <10/17> Graphitic Carbon Nanostructures 2008.10.27 134617
614 2016학년도 1학기 콜로퀴움 일정 2016.02.03 134294
613 <4/4> Novel multi-bit magnetic tagging technique for high-throughput chemical analysis 2008.03.31 133969
612 <5/29> Nanomaterials Work at NASA-Johnson Space Center 2009.05.25 133938
611 <4/21> Experimental and Observational Astrophysics in the Infrared Wavebands 2009.04.17 133081
610 <12/3> Characteristic of risk asset in financial market. 2010.11.29 132618
609 <4/14> X-ray absorption fine structure analyses on amorphous oxide films 2009.04.06 131628
608 <7/21(월)> The rapid neutron capture nucleosynthesis: A hot topic in the Nuclear Astrophysics study 2014.07.15 131048
607 <April.17(Wed.)> Emerging Artificial Synapse for Learning- and Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic System 2019.04.11 130799
» 2019학년도 1학기 콜로퀴움 일정 2019.01.08 130436
605 <5/1>In vivo optical imaging of hemodynamic changes 2009.05.06 130237
604 <10/28>Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction and Surface X-ray Scattering Study of Hematite (α-Fe2O3) Nano-cube 2011.10.26 130048
603 <12/21(금)> Theory of topological quantum phase transitions in 3D noncentrosymmetric systems 2012.12.05 128878
602 <4/30(화)> DC (DNA Curtains) and AC (Actin Curtains) in single-molecule biophysics 2013.04.11 128809
601 <7/20(Thu.)14:00>Engineering and probing topological properties of Dirac semimetal films by asymmetric charge transfer 2017.07.18 128609
600 <11/13(Tue.) 11:00am>Hund’s coupling driven role of $d_{3z^2-r^2}$ in stabilizing the hole-doped antiferromagnetic state in cuprates 2018.11.09 127731